About us


David Malenfant

With an entrepreneurial spirit in addition to an innovative idea, David Malenfant climbed up to become the president of his own enterprise. His knowledge and experience helped him offer a solution to counter a technical issue in the road vehicles area. He could develop special equipment that conforms to the numerous rules established in this field. In terms of experience, David Malenfant had the chance to be a mechanical-apprentice and to work in towing services. Moreover, he possesses some knowledge in fire safety, electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics which make him an expert in road vehicle along with the standards that go with it. His great ability to discuss about technical terms makes exchanges with engineers very quick, easy and it helps a lot when it comes to concretize new projects.


Yvan Malenfant

Working as an entrepreneur, vice-president and consultant of conceptions, Yvan Malenfant, the father of David, has a lot of experience in the construction domain. He knew how to improve RD Malenfant Inc. Also, Yvan possess a big network of contact.



Research and development

RD Malenfant Inc. was incorporated in August 2012.



Our objective is to offer the sector of road transportation (heavy vehicles, mobile equipment, buses ,etc.) solutions in research and development adapted to individual needs.